Exploration in Maasai Land

Region: Northern Tanzania, Lake Eyasi, Crater Highlands, Lake Natron

Duration: 18 days including 11 of trekking

Type: Treks, Cultural encounters and Safari


  • Continuous 11-day trek and some walks
  • Game drives during 2 days
  • Cultural encounters: the Maasai during the trek and the tribes of Lake Eyasi

Level: Difficult

Period: December to March and June to October

Group: 3 to 7 participants


A sneak preview:

Situated in Northern Tanzania is without contest, one of the most beautiful regions created by the East African Rift: the sodium-based Lake Natron (the nesting site of flamingoes), numerous active or dormant volcanoes including the exceptional Oldoinyo Lengaï – an imposing escarpment that dominates the landscape with its impressive cliffs; unique nature protected by Maasaï pastoralists because their cattle depend on it… All these bestowing upon these places a magical character!

But besides these sites well known to every avid traveler, we will offer a great selection of sites in the course of an amazing trek; that gets us to Lake Eyasi – a unique site in Africa where the speakers of 4 great African linguistic families meet, and Lake Natron, with its sodium waters that appeals to great colonies of pink flamingoes that nest therein. Along the way, we will encounter thorny bush land shared by the Hadzabe hunters and the Datoga livestock keepers and the Crater Highlands with all its richness, where the mythical Maasai that we will meet every day live. We will not cease to be amazed by the sites that we will encounter, which are as splendid as they are little known.

Finally, situated a stone’s-throw away, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti plains will give us the best conditions to observe the great African fauna.


Trip strengths:

  • Use of exclusive routes in a forgotten part of Northern Tanzania: Beyond known areas (Lake Natron, Empakai Crater and Lengai Volcano), we will take you to splendid and unknown areas:
    • the lands of Dagota, Iraqw and Hadzabe between Lake Eyasi and Ngorongoro Crater
    • Alayanai Forest, Olomoti Crater, Embulbul Depression, Kapenjiro Hills and Engare Sero Escarpement…
  • A continuous 11-day trek, exclusively using donkeys for portage with a Dagota then a Maasai team.
  • Time reserved for great cultural encounters with the Maasai people, whose tradition-imprinted omnipresence and rhythm of life idealise these places.
  • Double guiding – by our Maasai friend and guide (anglophone) and an African Rift Odyssey guide (francophone), the region’s specialist.
  • Game drives in Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park.
  • 11 of our 17 nights spent in private campsites, in harmony with nature or our Maasai hosts.


Day by day plan

Day 1: Nairobi > Arusha > Mto Wa Mbu: Reception in Nairobi, Kenya and drive to Tanzania to join the small village of Mto Wa Mbu on the foot of a Rift Valley escarpment. Night in a small lodge.

Days 2 and 3: Lake Eyasi: A quick drive to Lake Eyasi region, where we will meet the Hadzabe people (hunter-gatherers of the click language) and the Datoga (Nilotic pastoralists). In the course of a long, intense morning walk, we will join the Hadzabe hunters and discover their interesting way of life.

Days 4 to 6: 3-day trek from Eyasi to Ngorongoro Crater: Our first three days of trekking will first of all lead us across the lands of the Iraqw farmers (of Cushitic language) and the Bantu people. We will then enter the Ngorongoto Conservation Area where we will spend not less than 10 days. With our Datoga team, we will gradually gain altitude during these 3 days, leaving the dry forest to reach the savannah bordering Ngorongoro Crater.

Day 7: Ngorongoro Crater: Day of rest after these 3 long days of trekking, an opportunity for a good game drive in Ngorongoro Crater.

Days 8 to 15: 8-day trek in the Crater Highlands up to Lake Natron: This time it is our Maasai team that leads us on 8 days of trekking! After circumventing Ngorongoro Crater, we cross the Crater Highlands with all its beautiful sites: Olomoti Crater, Embulbul Depression, Empakai Crater, Kapenjiro Hills and Escarpment to reach the Rift Valley where the Lengai Volcano and Lake Natron lie, that we will still explore on foot.

Days 16 and 17: Serengeti National Park: We drive to Serengeti National Park for an afternoon and a long morning game-drive.

Day 18: Drive from Mto wa Mbu to Nairobi: Drive to Nairobi then outbound night flight.


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