Uganda, mysterious world at the source of the Nile…

The backdrop? A green and very welcoming region at the heart of equatorial Africa, containing not less than 200 volcanoes, immense primary forests and vast lakes. In the olden days, ancient Greeks already talked of the existence of the Mountains of the Moon, beyond Sudan as being a “ land of inaccessible volcanoes surrounded by immense primary forests with gleaming lakes “. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until the 19th century that the European explorers, in search of the sources of the Nile, got interested in the snow-covered peaks overlooking Lake Albert: The Ruwenzori Massif, from which the western branch of the Nile actually starts.

The jewel? Unbelievably rich flora and fauna, from Murchison Falls to the mythical Ruwenzori and Virunga Mountains. Besides the 1000 bird species, the totality of the great African fauna is represented here, including the major species like the Big Five (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhinoceros), but also the unheard of, such as the famous “Shoebill stork”, the Sitatunga antelope and the Ugandan Kob… and not less than 13 primate species, including the chimpanzee and the gorilla!

The outstanding feature? The monkeys of Kibale forest and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest! Accompanied by specialist rangers, we will go in search of our ape cousins – gorillas and chimpanzees. Controlling our slightest actions and any attitude that they could interpret as a threat, we will avoid any incident other than an eventual mock charge by a “silver back” meant to impose on us respect and silence in their kingdom, where we are barely invited, thanks to a troubled lineage… an unforgettable and a highly intense moment.

Our Tours in Uganda
Birding expedition perfectly structured to discover the impressive Uganda diversity of habitats and its spectacular bird life
Off the beaten tracks, we meet an Acholi community for an outstanding welcome. We explore savannahs and forests of the Occidental Rift Valley, homes to the African great fauna and numerous apes and birds!
We discover the fascinating flora of this range capped with 20 snow-covered peaks exceeding 4500 meters ! We explore the savannas and forests in search of great fauna and our cousins : the mischievous chimpanzees and the impressive mountain gorillas.
We discover savannas and primary forests, numerous lakes and volcanoes, hence a wide diversity of ecosystems and a big variety of fauna. In addition, Batwa pygmies, Banyankore and Acholi communities welcome us. A «Best-of Nature & Culture» in Uganda!
Hiking in the footprints of Samuel Baker explorer, we visit ALL the best National Parks of Uganda. We also meet the traditional Karamojong, the Batwa pygmies and our Acholi friends, well renowned for their incredible dances and percussionists!
We explore a wide variety of ecosystems: tropical forests, savannahs, lakes, swamps, afro-alpine vegetation, that offers a big variety of fauna, with numerous endemic apes…
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