Next to Kenya, Tanzania is the other destination of predilection for safari. Two adjacent reserves are world renowned, the vast Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater. All the African fauna and the impressive landscapes attract a great number of travelers. If Tarangire National Park lacks this recognition, its ecosystem is very complimentary to the previous two with its shrubby savannah, its permanent river and the enormous baobabs standing like sentinels of the abundant fauna ; a very « African » character !

Further in the south of the country lies the mythical national parks of Ruaha and Nyerere (ex-Selous). Totally unknown, these reserves are the hidden treasures of wilderness for the safari experts, with its original ecosystems rich in fauna that we can enjoy in total intimacy.

Besides safari, three other « giants » brand Tanzania with their mythic names :

  • The Kilimanjaro, culminating point of Africa which, at 5895 metres, displays its open snow and glacier-covered peaks,
  • The Maasai, an archetype of pastoralist people in Africa who drive their herds across the original prairies of Kenya and Tanzania,
  • The archipelago of Zanzibar fringed by beaches of blond sand, its historical Stone Town, and much further, Pemba and Mafia islands.

Our field knowledge and experience of more than 20 years in Tanzania allow us to propose atypical tours either to avoid the most frequented routes on Kilimanjaro or totally exclusive treks across the Maasaï territories!

Our Tours in Tanzania
North Tanzania, in a paradise of verdant highlands and volcanoes... It is in this haven where Maasai settled that we will hike, to get to Lake Natron and Lengai Volcano
A dream of combining the climbs of Mt Kenya & Kilimanjaro. We avoid crowd with the most secrets & beautiful trails.
Ruaha & Nyerere (ex-Selous), the parks of Southern Tanzania, invite you to the most beautiful safari. Remoteness and exclusivity are guaranteed!
If migration makes the fame of Serengeti, there is much more to discover in northern Tanzania, other wonderful parks and the Maasaï hidden heaven...
Ruaha & Nyerere (ex-Selous), the greatness of southern Tanzania’s park, in exclusive luxury camps. Remoteness, wonderful fauna and exclusivity guaranteed!
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