Naturalist Safari

True immersion into Nature’s core, these trips are 100% dedicated to the observation of Africa’s extraordinary fauna, from the tiny sunbird to the giant elephant… Varying the ecosystems as much as possible, we will vibrate to the rhythm of animal life.
Our Nature Safaris
Birding expedition perfectly structured to discover the impressive Uganda diversity of habitats and its spectacular bird life
With 3 complementary protected areas, Meru, Samburu and Maasaï Mara, we offer the true “naturalist best-of” of Kenya!
Ruaha & Nyerere (ex-Selous), the parks of Southern Tanzania, invite you to the most beautiful safari. Remoteness and exclusivity are guaranteed!
If we had to choose only 1 reserve to observe the African fauna, Maasaï Mara would be undoubtedly our choice. Here are 7 days for an extensive discovery of this reserve.
We explore a wide variety of ecosystems: tropical forests, savannahs, lakes, swamps, afro-alpine vegetation, that offers a big variety of fauna, with numerous endemic apes…
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