Kenya is generally associated with safari. With its vasts protected areas, the country hosts an abundance of wildlife, and the variety of ecosystems enables a diversity of animal species only few countries can rival.

Even though it is truly a wildlife paradise, Kenya has much more to offer to a traveler adept at going further beyond.

Traversed by the East-African Rift Valley, Kenya is adorned with spectacular landscapes : endless plains from within which abrupt mountains and granite inselbergs arise, high plateaus hanging over deep escarpments, immense tectonic faults with scattered salty lakes, and everywhere volcanoes studding the horizon.

Amidst all this scenery, peoples both beautiful and proud live in the rhythm of their olden traditions. A number of pastoral communities share a large portion of land while preserving the ecosystems that their livestock depend on. Comprising of nomads and transhumance herders, forced to be mobile by their pastoralist status, it is on their bodies that they have expressed their artistic sense : jewellery, hair-do, scarifications and other ornaments define each of these people.

All this is Kenya : a diverse and abundant fauna, landscapes that leave speechless, and superb peoples easily accessible to those who know how. Let’s add to this some preserved areas of white sands of the Indian Ocean…

Rare are countries that can offer as much marvels. And if we are able to lead you where the rest don’t go, which is the force of African Rift Odyssey, you are sure to experience a trip that will imprint a mark in your memory and your life that will never be erased.

Our Tours in Kenya
Meru, Samburu, Aberdare and Maasaï Mara offer an unrivalled diversity of fauna. A “naturalist best-of” in charming lodges!
A unique Adventure from Ethiopia to Kenya in the oriental branch of the Rift Valley & Lake Turkana
Expedition on the most untamed tracks of Northern Kenya while still intergrating the unmissable Maasai Mara Reserve
With 3 complementary protected areas, Meru, Samburu and Maasaï Mara, we offer the true “naturalist best-of” of Kenya!
A diversified safari ideal to explore Kenya as a family, combining fantastic game-drives, bush walks & meeting the Maasai.
Hiking through the lands of Rendille, Samburu and Turkana, we reach the “Jade Sea”. The great wilderness of Northern Kenya!
A dream of combining the climbs of Mt Kenya & Kilimanjaro. We avoid crowd with the most secrets & beautiful…
If we had to choose only 1 reserve to observe the African fauna, Maasaï Mara would be undoubtedly our choice.…
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