Ethiopia is set apart from the rest of Africa by its unique culture and geomorphology.

Geographically, the East-African Rift Valley has over a period of more than 30 million years enriched the country with great high plateaus, dotted with numerous mountains, volcanoes and deep valleys. The numerous summits going beyond a height of 4000 meters and the Danakil Depression that stretches to 120 m. below sea level rival each other in appeal ! This offers a kind of relief that has no equal in Africa, for the great pleasure of trekkers, who will be awed by the immensity of landscapes even when they are on liaison by car.

Culturally speaking, Ethiopia is as surprising as it is atypical. 3000 years of a vibrant history have conferred the country with a dimension that is so particular, that is often felt as one wanders across the country. Christianized in the middle of the 4th century, the Abyssinian Empire found itself totally cut off from the rest of the world after the advent of Islam. The many centuries lived on self-sufficiency gave birth to marvelous architecture, starting with Lalibela, the “Black Jerusalem” which is just but an example among many.

The enumeration of all that is atypical in Ethiopia would be endless ! What with its syllabus of over 250 signs, the cultivation of tef or false banana plant, the Julian calendar that contains 13 months in a year, the Christian festivals attended by millions of pilgrims, the people of Omo Valley adorning extraordinary ornaments, endemic wildlife that roams the mountains, the lava lake of Erta Ale…  Ethiopia is all this… and much more. The only risk on a first trip to Ethiopia : it will definitely lead to subsequent ones !

For African Rift Odyssey, Ethiopia is a truly beloved country, and many are the travels of real exploration that we have carried out there. This gives us a refind knowledge of the most amazing nooks and crannies of the country, allowing us to offer you simply exceptional and unique trips

Our Tours In Ethiopia
A unique Adventure from Ethiopia to Kenya in the oriental branch of the Rift Valley & Lake Turkana
After a short discovery of the high Abyssinian plateaus leading us to the Tigrayan rock hewned churches, we “dive” in a long immersion in the Danakil depression.
Abyssinia with its mountains of Simien and Gheralta, and its historical cities of Gondar and Lalibela, then the Afar region with its salt caravans and its active volcanoes of Dallol and Erta Ale. A true exploration of Northern Ethiopia.
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