If it is a “confetti” in comparison to its giant neighbour Ethiopia, Djibouti does not lack points of interest, far from that.

Essentially a desert, the country possesses some magical as well as enigmatic lakes : Lake Abbé with immense rock sentinels, Lake Asal with its white salt-beach encased in a backdrop of black basalt mountains, and the mysterious Alol Lakes that are difficult to access.

As in all deserts, the geology is exposed to the open sky and nowhere better than here do we realise what the phenomena of the continental and oceanic rifts are, the African Rift Valley confronting the Aden Rift, a point christened the Rift of Djibouti, dotted with volcanoes and massive faults. From Lake Asal lying at 157 meters below sea level, some parallel faults run up to the Tadjoura Gulf, a distance of only 10 km away from the lake.

If the major part of the Afar Triangle lies in Ethiopia, here in Djibouti, a weighty element makes a great difference : the sea, more precisely the Gulf of Tadjoura, linked to the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. The desolate land covered with black basalt flows transforms into bubbling of life and a frenzy of colours of fish playing in the corals !

The geomorphological treasures, sites of extreme beauty, a people proud and courageous and exceptional seabed, Djibouti largely deserves a trip, or a combined trip with the Ethiopian Afar, as African Rift Odyssey likes to propose to you.

Our Tours In Djibouti
After a short discovery of the high Abyssinian plateaus leading us to the Tigrayan rock hewned churches, we “dive” in a long immersion in the Danakil depression.
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