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About Us

Welcome to African Rift Odyssey

The site is purposed to provide you with the opportunity to better know us and to check out the areas in Africa where our expansive know-how and rich knowledge stretches for over 25 years of passionately travelling the continent. Even though we have a predilection for the African Rift Valley with its unique reliefs, we are just as passionate about other African lands ! Thus we are happy to lead you in discovering the numerous African areas - starting with Kenya where we are based - our keen interest being to awe you, with tours out of the traditional tourist routes ; this is our leitmotif.

Passion For Beauty....

African Rift Odyssey was born out of a common passion that unites the whole of our team : to lead and inspire you to love the most beautiful lands of some African countries that we know extremely well. Our rich field knowledge and experience, of over 25 years of pure exploration of remote areas of the continent, allows us to offer absolutely unique trips.

Our Destinations


Towards original lands…

Be it in Kenya, in Tanzania, in Ethiopia or even in Madagascar, in Namibia or in Chad…, our expeditions lead you off the beaten tracks, far off the classic tourist routes, to regions of all splendor, known only to the fewest of people. It is here that we also bring you in contact with the most fascinating of indigenous peoples. These trips sometimes require a certain physical or moral engagement, but the rewards go far beyond what you could ever imagine, this we guarantee!

Intimate safari…

This love of that which is beautiful, together with the field knowledge that we possess allows us to offer you safaris that are particularly original, far off the seasonal “tourist migrations”. Whether by camping or flying safari, by 4×4, by boat or even on foot, be it in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda or even Botswana, the encounters with wildlife are done in a way that assures total intimacy.

A convivial team…

All the members of our team: the guides, driver-mechanics, cooks or camp helpers combine essential qualities. Great specialists in their fields, they always maintain the spirit of flawless service and with a lot of conviviality. Above all, we won’t forget to speak about all our friends, the local teams who know how to guide and show us the beauty of “their lands”, the lands that are dear to us ; without them we would not amount to much.

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